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Past Recipients of the Annual Fellows and Justinian Awards

The Fellows Award is the most prestigious honor of the Dallas Bar Foundation and is presented every year at the
Annual Fellows Luncheon in honor of an attorney who has adhered to the highest principles and traditions of the legal profession. Since 1983, the Justinian Award was the most esteemed honor presented to an attorney by the Dallas Lawyer's Auxiliary in recognition of long standing dedication to volunteer service benefitting the community of Dallas.
In 2014 the awards will be combined and the new award will be called the Fellows Justinian Award and will be awarded by the Dallas Bar Foundation. Nominations for the Fellows Justinian Award are received from current DBF Fellows.

  • Nominees must be members of the Dallas Bar Association who are, or have been, for a significant portion of their career a practicing attorney, or member of the judiciary, and who are highly respected in the legal profession. Nominees must have adhered to the highest principles and traditions of the legal profession and they must also have served the community and the legal profession, while adhereing to the highest ethical standards.

  • Being a Fellow of the Dallas Bar Foundation is not a prerequsite for nomination, but it is a factor that may be considered in the selction process.

Fellows Award Recipients (1995 - 2013)

W. Mike Baggett (2013)
Hon. Barbara M.G. Lynn (2012)
Charles W. Matthews (2011)
Justice Douglas S. Lang (2010)
John L. Estes (2009)
George W. Bramblett, Jr. (2008)
Robert W. Jordan (2007)
H. Ron White (2006)
Hon. Linda B. Thomas (2005)
Adelfa B. Callejo (2004)
Hon. Jerry Buchmeyer (2003)
James E. Coleman, Jr. (2002)
Harriet E. Miers (2001)
John L. Hauer (2000)
Robert H. Thomas (1999)
L.A. Bedford (1998)
Hon. Merrill Hartman and Louise Raggio (1997)
Hon. Barefoot Sanders (1995)

Justinian Award Recipients (1983 - 2013)

Jerry Jordan (2013)
G. Michael Gruber (2012)
Don M. Glendenning (2011)
Al Ellis (2010)
George W. Bramblett, Jr. (2009)
Hon. Ron Kirk (2008)
George W. Coleman (2007)
Sam Burford, Jr. (2006)
T. Michael Wilson (2005)
Michael M. Boone (2004)
John Andrew Martin (2003)
Robert H. Thomas (2002)
Jerry C. Gilmore (2001)
Darrell E. Jordan (2000)
Peter S. Chantilis (1999)
Forest Smith (1998)
Adelpha B. Callejo (1997)
Charles Porter Storey (1996)
Henry Gilchrist (1995)
P. Mike McCullough (1994)
Edward J. Drake (1993)
Harriet E. Miers (1992)
Hon. L.A. Bedford, Jr. (1991)
Vester T. Hughes (1990)
Richard D. Haynes (1989)
Sidney Stahl (1988)
Thomas C. Unis (1987)
Robert L. Dillard, Jr. (1986)
William E. Collins (1985)
Marshall J. Doke, Jr. (1984)
Earl A. Forsythe (1983)