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Imagine a young man at the top of his high school class, preparing to be the first in his family to attend college. Because of his father's sudden illness, the young man has to suspend his education to support his family. Envision a young immigrant from an impoverished country who masters the English language, achieves American citizenship, and becomes the first in her family to graduate high school. Consider a pregnant, destitute teenager who chooses to raise her child and finish school, as a single mother. These stories impart only a glimpse of the applicants and scholars the Dallas Bar Foundation has considered since the Foundation began funding the Sarah T. Hughes Diversity Scholarships. Since 1981, the Foundation has funded over forty full tuition scholarships, allowing outstanding minority law students to attend the SMU Dedman School Law and complete a legal education many would have thought beyond reach. Inspiring Hughes Scholars have distinguished themselves academically and professionally and include leaders in our legal and civic community.
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