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The Grants Program was implemented to further the mission of the Foundation which is to sponsor and encourage research, publications, institutes and forums for the furtherance of justice under the law; to establish scholarships and promote the study of law and the continuing education of lawyers; to institute and maintain legal aid facilities for the indigent; to preserve historical structures, display historical memorabilia, and conduct historical observances. The Grants Committee, a standing committee appointed by the Chair of the Board of Trustees, reviews grant applications throughout the year and submits recommendations to the Foundation's Board of Trustees. The Foundation's Board of Trustees makes all final decisions for approval.

All grant recipients are required to sign a contract with the Foundation which outlines the responsibilities for the use of the funds and the required reporting by the grant recipient upon receipt of the funds.

Grants are awarded only to organizations that are 501(c)(3) organizations. The Foundation does not fund salaries or operating expenses.